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Final Fantasy 14 - Beginners Guide to Eorzea - Final Fantasy 14 Terms

Final Fantasy 14 Terms

There are several terms in Final Fantasy 14 that you will need acquainting with before you will be able to settle into the world of Eorzea. This guide will give you a run through of the basic terms and a description of each.

  1. Player Attributes
  2. Action Points
  3. Physical Level
  4. Discipline Rank
  5. Skill Points
  6. Guildleves (Leves)
  7. Aetheryte
  8. Anima

Player Attributes

HP (Hit Points)

This is a stat that everyone is probably familiar with. This determines your character's health, the higher the number is, the better your character can withstand enemy attacks, and when this reaches 0, you are KO'ed and have to 'Return' to your last visited Aetheryte. HP regenerates when in Passive mode.

MP (Mana Points)

Most spells in Final Fantasy 14 require a certain amount of MP to be cast. When this reaches 0, no more spells can be cast until your MP is restored. MP can only be restored by interacting with an Aetheryte.

TP (Tactical Points)

The TP bar allows you to use certain abilities, which require a certain amount of TP to execute. This bar rises as you do actions in battle. Your TP has a maximum of 3000 and will start to drop when you leave combat (but are still in Active mode), or will drop even faster if you are in Passive mode.

As depicted in the Final Fantasy 14 Character Creation page, your character as several more fine grained attributes, below is a description of what they mean

Physical Attributes

  • Strength (STR) - Physical attack power
  • Vitality (VIT) - Physical defence and HP
  • Dexterity (DEX) - Attack accuracy
  • Intelligence (INT) - Magical attack power
  • Mind (MND) - Magical defence and MP
  • Piety (PIE) - Magical Accuracy

Elemental Attributes

  • Fire - Strength: Ice, Weakness: Wind
  • Ice - Strength: Wind, Weakness: Fire
  • Wind - Strength: Fire, Weakness: Ice
  • Earth- Strength: Lightning, Weakness: Water
  • Lightning- Strength: Water, Weakness: Earth
  • Water- Strength: Earth, Weakness: Lightning


Action Points

Actions Points determine how many abilities you can equip to your character to use in battle at any one time. Each of the available Classes start off with 6 Action points, and every rank gained will give you a further 1-2 Action Points.

In correspondence, every ability has an Action Cost associated with it, which is how many Action Points it uses up when equipped. This limits you to only some of your abilities being equipped and requires you to focus more on what you want to use in battle which abilities are more important to you.


Physical Level

While Final Fantasy 14 uses a new innovative weapons-and-class based levelling system, your character still has an overall physical level. Your base stats for your character will improve on each level-up and you will also be greeted with Attribute Points, which you can assign to your physical and elemental attributes to mould your character as you wish. If you want to change what you have done, you can also reassign Attribute Points.


Discipline Rank

Discipline Rank concerns the individual level of each of your classes. Each class has an independent rank, and equipping the respective weapon/tool and perform actions will raise the rank of that class. When you increase in rank you will sometimes attain new abilities will you will then be able to equip to your character. All abilities are present on the action bar regardless of which class you are, so you cannot have different templates of abilities equipped for each class.


Skill Points

Skill points are for Classes what experience points are for levels. Each time you perform an action (killing an enemy, synthesising an item etc) will give you skill points, which help you level up your currently equipped class.


Guildleves (Leves)

Guildleves (or Leves) are what quests are called in Final Fantasy 14. You are allowed to take 8 Battlecraft/Fieldcraft Leves and 8 Local Leves every 36 hours. Local leves relate to crafting/cooking Leves and, the keyword 'Local' means that you do not have to go to an aetheryte to activate it, and once you obtain the items (if not given to you automatically), starting the synthesis process is all you need to do.

In order to obtain Leves, you need to go to the city's Adventurers' Guild and talk to the relevant NPCs, then go to the location depicted on the Leve description to activate it.

The Skill Points given out for leves are much higher than what you would get for just killing enemies or synthing outside of the leves, so Leves are a must in Final Fantasy 14 to boost your character as quickly as possible.



Aetherytes are crystallised life-force of the planet which has been fused with arcane machinery according to Square Enix. What this means for the player is that you will be able to teleport to previously-visited aetherytes . This teleportation, whilst not requiring any recharge time, will cost you Anima.



As mentioned above, teleportation costs Anima. Each character starts with 100 anima which recharges at a very slow rate throughout an (earth) day. This rate is currently 4 anima per 24 hours.

To travel to another location in the same region you are in, it will cost 2 anima, and to travel to another region will cost 3 anima. However you may pick 3 favourite regions which you will be able to travel to at half price (these may not be aetheryte plazas in the main cities). If you are KO'ed during a Leve, you can return to the last visited location (usually a camp) at no cost.

It is advised to not over-use teleportation as being without Anima can be damaging to your character.



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